This loss of the pot should not be completely

This loss of the pot should not be completely let the back line guard, coach Klopp also has some responsibility - uncle Shuai substitutions compared to the two opponents fell on the backhand. The game when Salah goal, less than half an hour left in the game, can completely remove the mediocre Wilt Chamberlain let the horse to go up to each other to create more pressure on the defense, Chelsea's counterattack momentum will naturally be to some extent, However, Klopp chose to move to Manei at the very end of the game David Clarkson Jersey, leaving the Senegalese hardly to play any role. Although after the Champions League's hard-fought rotation of the Champions League is understandable, but it has been to the game for 70 minutes, and the other party began to act Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey For Sale, it is not timely play their own ace of the backcourt to curb it? If there is a horse inside Auston Matthews Jersey, William can attack in the sidewalk so calm? Chamberlain, Sturridge and Salah three arrows Qi Fa, Mane and Fillino bench on standby. Chelsea, Morata suddenly ago, Adjara behind him, Bakayoko, Drake Wake and Canter formed the middle of the three gates Jhonas Enroth Jersey. The first 65 minutes, Bakiyoka stop the ball mistakes, Chamberlain kicked the ball into the restricted area, Salah timely plug in the face of the first low-break Qurutua break, 1-0! Salah break the old main door! The first 85 minutes, William right-sided ball ramp broke into the restricted area pass, the ball draws an arc directly into the far corner of the door, the score becomes a 1-1! The final two teams 1-1 draw. Although Chelsea nearly 6 guest unbeaten on Liverpool, but the Blues awkwardly, they have not beat the opponents 6 consecutive times, these 6 games record is 4 draws and 2 losses, and both lost Is at home. For Conti, he has faced 19 teams in the English Premier League since Chelsea coached last season, but Liverpool, the only undefeated Italian team, is Klopp.

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