Lukaku before the sudden

Lukaku before the sudden, Marshal and Rushford wings fly together Daniel Winnik Jersey, Mata behind, Pogba and Matic sits midfield, Ibrahimovic on the bench. Brighton by the Murray sudden, Gros in the back of the policy. The first 66 minutes, Rushford corner was kicked out, Ashley - Yang restricted area on the left foot volley, the ball hit the ball in the body bounced over the goalkeeper fell nets James Van Riemsdyk Jersey, 1-0! With this goal, Manchester United scored 3 points at home. Manchester United 1-0 victory over Brighton, relying on a lucky refraction ball scored three points is considered to complete the task, but obviously, if the Red Devils goal is to compete with the city rival Manchester City champion, then the battle exposed the problem of stamina or British media and the Red Devils fans worried. In particular, the four kings collectively play, does not mean that Manchester United will be able to solve the problem of attack. On the surface, the duel between Manchester United and Brighton will be a strong offensive and defensive battle Jhonas Enroth Jersey, but this is not the case. The home team maintained a high winning percentage in the two-lane battle but failed to create a compelling match quality. The visiting team was unbeaten in the last five rounds (2 wins, 3 draws) although both were newly promoted. To win, Chris Hutton's team demonstrated organizational, anti-pressure ability and the overall effect convincing. As rival Manchester United has just finished a hard-fought expedition in midweek Joffrey Lupul Jersey, this time again debut away Brighton can be described as ease of service, the Seagull Corps look forward to the most important victory after the upgrade.
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