Although it is undeniable that Klopp

Although it is undeniable that Klopp brought new vitality to Liverpool, neither Klopp is still worthwhile to improve on the spot adjustment of team pace or the overall strength of the defense. In short, the real strong teams are a balanced balance of offensive and defensive, such as Liverpool can only leak in front of the back, cool is neutral fans Daniel Winnik Jersey, their fans I am afraid there is bitterness can not tell. From this perspective, on the sacrifice of personal sacrifice to save the dedication of the ornamental Nazem Kadri Jersey, Liverpool is second to none. From Klopp's point of view, he has been undefeated in five games against Chelsea since Liverpool was coached in October 2015 Mark Arcobello Jersey, and for the first time Chelsea faced Chelsea, he led the team at Stamford Bridge Stadium 3-1 victory over opponents last season and won 2-1 away, is this the fate of the legend? Delayed play of the main team can not open the situation, the replacement player just debut will be able to change the war situation, technical players difficult to play their own characteristics, the power of giant war once again completed the rescue Scott Harrington Jersey. Mourning the Red Devils again exhibited patience two "faces" in the game, optimistic Manchester United fans for the player's sense of fighting spirit and fighting spirit applause, a rational neutral audience will be a single means of attack and Manchester United Mode monotonous and worried.
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