Arsene Wenger also called for Arsenal

Arsene Wenger also called for Arsenal to come up with the fight against Tottenham when Burnley: "Tottenham is very tense when both sides fight each other Felix Potvin Jersey, each game has a different problem to be solved, the strategy of Burnley Will be different, they will retract deeper, their defense is also very efficient and we have to remain calm, even if the right to play in the foot Connor Brown Jersey, but also to maintain calm and accuracy, our defense is also very good, because the other's Attack is also very efficient. Most managers will not take such a risk to Guardiola and Conti, for example, they are known for their attention to detail Sam Carrick Jersey. Guardiola's "battlefront law" is a complex tactic, based on the Cruyff coached Barcelona-style tactics in the 1980s and 1990s Jared Cowen Jersey. His tactics often find his way through clever stations and quick passes, and it took Mansart a full season to penetrate this tactic. Can not deny that such a wait is worth it. Arsene Wenger reminded people that North Arsenal have ruled North 21 for 21 years and Tottenham are still younger now. Voice faded, Arsenal 2-0 win over rivals, so Pochettino speechless. However, in the Central European war, Tottenham Youth Army rebounded immediately, and will be more cut under the horses, and beat Real Madrid lock group leader, the other hand, Arsenal although the group is also the first name, but lost to 0-1 The Bundesliga weak tour Cologne.
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